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The San Diego Animal Support Foundation's Medical Fund raises money to pay for medical needs. All money donated to the Medical Fund will be used for current or future medical cases, only. Click on Donate to contribute to the SDASF General Medical Fund.
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Geddy Lee
Update: Geddy Lee is doing fine and no longer needs donations. But please consider donating to our general medical fund for future cases!

Help Us Save Geddy Lee: Leslie has owned Geddy Lee since he was born on her patio in 2009. One day, tiny Geddy Lee walked into her apartment to check things out, and he never left. She adopted another male cat, Romeo, who had also been abandoned, and the two instantly became great pals. Romeo misses his brother terribly, and he has taken to sitting on Leslie's desk in front of her computer screen, just where Geddy likes to sit. Leslie misses Geddy terribly. He normally sleeps in bed with her, and his absence is noted. His loud purr is also missed. Geddy Lee has had his urinary tract issue since he was a baby. He received diagnostics and treatment and Wellness Cat Food. A couple of months ago Geddy again had problems urinating. The vet gave him pain pills, a mild sedative, and some antibiotics. Geddy did start to urinate on his own and seemed to be doing well... until March 25, when he started vomiting and couldn't urinate. Geddy Lee had catheterization surgery that afternoon for a urinary blockage at great expense. Some money pledged, and much put onto Care Credit. Unfortunately, after the catheter was removed, Geddy did not urinate on his own, and now a second surgery is required. FACE foundation is helping with some of the costs, however, with a looming $3500 additional bill, Geddy Lee needs our help. Leslie is on a fixed income, and can't afford the cost of treatment. Any donations made through this link are tax-deductible and will be paid directly to the vet hospital to offset the surgical costs. The San Diego Animal Support Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Please keep your Paypal receipt for tax purposes. We can only raise funds for a limited time, so please donate today. Thank you, on behalf of Leslie & Geddy Lee.

These are just a few of our success stories. These loving pets were helped by your direct contributions. Thank you to everyone who supports our efforts through your generous donations.

Companion Animals Helped by Donations Made to Operation Enduring Dog
Operation Enduring Dog dog began with a call from a Marine named Will, on his second tour of duty in Afghanistan. He wanted help bringing his dog Farrah home from the Middle East, and couldn't find anyone to help him get the puppy out of Afghanistan. We were able to help Will, which prompted calls from several more Marines. Visit our Operation Enduring Dog page to read more about the dogs helped by this program.
Companion Animals Helped by Donations Made to SDASF

Leonidas is a 9-year-old, neutered Shih Tzu/Lhasa Apso who had been diagnosed with painful Bladder Stones.

Tweety is a parrot who had lab and examiniation bills due to a tumor.

Jackie is a beautiful little Jack Russell mix. She had been in the shelter for more than two months and everyone who came to see her rejected her due to a Right Rear Patella that was totally dislocated all the time.

She was adopted and it had been discovered that the dislocation was so bad that Jackie had to be put under anesthesia in order for the vet to check the condition of her knee. She has a grade 4+ patella dislocation, one of the worst the vet has ever seen in 20 years of practice, and surgery is the only solution for her to live a normal life. The estimate was at least $1,800.00

Pepe is a 10-year-old, neutered cat who was diagnosed with cancer on his ears and nose. The initial vet visit of $127 was to see a cancer specialist, additionally, the biopsies cost several hundred dollars more, even before any treatment has started.
Adopted at 4.5 months, Luna was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia, on November 1st, and on November 17th, it was determined that she has problems with cartilage in both knees, making it painful for her to walk. Luna needed OCD surgery on both knees, and her hip dysplasia in both hips will need work as well. Luna
Rocco Bogart Kamikaze was adopted last year from the Animal Control Shelter on Gaines St.  His knees had blown ligaments, and they were in the process of being drained and prepared for surgery.  Rocco is a big favorite of the off-leash dog parks, and a model citizen for his breed.  He loves playing fetch and just being around other dogs. 
After being misdiagnosed by a vet, Kujo's nearly died from toxins in his body due to kidney stones blocking his urethra for more than a month. Multiple surgeries and proceedures were required to stabalize this beloved family pet. Thankfully, enough money was raised through donations, along with the contribution of his owners, to pay for all the life-saving medical expenses.
I am ecstatic to report after seven long days in the hospital, Meekies is stable and improving! Upon first being diagnosed with chronic renal failure, along with a heart condition, he was in critical condition. He's had a few bumps in the road, but he is definitely a fighter, and has pulled through. He has a great quality of life and his chronic illness is managed at home with medications and a whole lot of love! SDASF raised all but $29 of his entire hospital bill! I don't know what I would have done without the foundation's support, and the support of the community, family and friends.
With many thanks,
Alicia Petrucci
Kiki was attacked and badly injured by neighboorhood dogs. Her vet received the check from SDASF to help with her medical expenses. Kiki has made a full recovery and is back to her little self. I am so grateful to all that found it in there hearts to help us so much. I hope to be in the position one day to give back and I will never forget all of your help. Again, thank you so much.
Glenda and Kiki
Diggum is a neutered, indoor-only, 9-year-old kitty who was blocked up by crystals in his urinary tract. His owner raised $500.00, but the bill came to $752.00. We are happy to announce that SDASF was able to raise funds to help cover the shortfall. Thank you to the people who support our work through contributions.
Wabo is an indoor cat that was hit by a car just two days before Christmas after sneaking out of the house. He had open fractures on both rear legs and needed surgery. We are happy to annouce enough funds were raised and Wabo was able to have his surgery.
Kibbles is a 14-month-old Australian Shepherd mix puppy. He needed surgery to remove his left eye He could not see out the eye and the vet thought it might be due to a birth defect or early puppy injury. Kibbles is in foster care, and the surgery will help prepare him for adoption into a permanent home.
Riley is 5 year old golden retriever that developed a skin condition. His owner, an organ transplant recipient, was unable to pay for treatment due to medical and financial issues.
Henry is a 10 year old dog that was dumped at the shelter. He was in pain due to hip dysplasia & arthritis. The shelter wanted to euthanize Henry but some volunteers saved him. Funds were raised by SDASF to help diagnose and treat Henry's painful ailments.

Luna needed surgery to fix a botched spay surgery. She required exploratory spay surgery because the first unsuccessful surgery didn't get everything out, and she was still going into heat intermittently.

Companion Animals Helped by Funds from Ride4Life
In September of 2008, Elliot Rover made his first attempt to bicycle from the San Diego, CA to Vancouver, BC. Elliot's mission was to help pay costly veterinary medical expenses for animals undergoing emergency and ongoing medical treatment to save their lives and give them a better quality of life.

The planned 1400 mile journey took him him up the West Coast, as far as San Francisco. Due to physical challenges, time delays and lack of funds, Elliot had to stop there. Nevertheless, Elliot was able to raise funds for several pets in need, and his efforts made all the difference.
DEVON had become ill with kennel cough in a high kill San Bernardino shelter. Once a dog is ill, it is moved to the top of the list to be euthanized. SCGSR volunteers transported Devon from San Bernardino to San Diego, just as his kennel cough developed into pneumonia, requiring hospitalization.
SADIE needed carpal fusion of both front paws, without the surgery, she would drag the paws, walking on the knuckle, causing abrasion and other types of harmful conditions. Ride4Life has helped Sadie with her surgical bills, and raised funds for her for ongoing therapy so that she can walk again.

Johnny was an exceptionally healthy cat in all ways, except for his teeth. His teeth were in such bad shape, that he'd given up eating due to the pain. The vet said it would be a shame to put such a healthy cat to sleep, but if he didn't get a dental treatment soon, he would starve himself to death.

Buddy needed surgery to fix a torn ACL. SDASF helped Buddy's owner by negotiating reduced veterinary fees, and raising funds directly for Buddy's care. Ride4Life also contributed to this dog in need.

Hank is blind in one eye, has glaucoma, and he's probably in a great deal of pain from the pressure...much like a bad migraine.

Kitters got outside where he was attacked by a coyote. His leg was completely broken and dangling from the upper part of the shoulder, and the Vet said that it could require a plate to reattach the limb.

Benson had hip dysplasia in both hips, requiring immediate surgery. He was hospitalized for more than a month.