SDASF Medical Fund Application Requirements

The following conditions must be met to qualify for assistance from the SDASF Medical Fund:

  • There is a history of responsible pet ownership for the pet requiring veterinary care.
  • The owners of the pet have paid initial office visit/vet fees for diagnosis, and provide us with the vet's contact information. In non-emergency situations, owner must also be willing to take the pet to another veterinarian, if a lower treatment fee is negotiated.
  • The pet MUST BE spayed or neutered.
  • Owners must be able to prove financial hardship.
  • Owners will agree to help to raise funds via the SDASF website, including sending a .jpg photo of pet, and information that we will post to our website regarding pet's medical needs and history with family. Pet's family will agree to post information on free sites, such as Craigslist, The Reader, SanDiegoOnline, etc, in order to drive donations to the site and help raise money specifically to offset the medical expenses for their pet.
  • Owners should first apply for Care Credit from their Veterinarian.
The SDASF will pledge an initial amount to start, providing the conditions above are met. All money raised through the Medical Fund link on our website to help pay your pet's bills, will be paid directly to your veterinarian. Some owners have had their entire bill covered by directing people to our website, and e-mailing their friends and family, asking them to make a tax-deductible donation. Other owners have only received the initial pledge.
If all of the above conditions apply to you, please send a .jpg photo of your pet, and the information about required medical treatments to

If you do not meet the criteria for our medical fund program you may be able to find help from another Pet Assistance Organization.