Agencies in attendance will include:

Animal Rescuers Without Borders
Animal Welfare Foundation
Chihuahua Rescue San Diego
Chula Vista Animal Care Facility
Dogs Fur Days
Friends of Cats
Friends of HSTJ
Great Pyrenees Association of So. Cal
Happy Hearts GSD Rescue
Holly's Garden Small Breed Rescue
Labradors & Friends
Lionel's Legacy
Maltese & More Rescue
Open Arms Rescue
San Diego Spaniel Rescue
Scratch My Belly Rescue
Saint Paco's Second Chance Rescue
The Rescued Pup

The SDASF organizes these annual mega adoption events in order to increase adoptions from reputable shelters and rescue agencies by bringing potential adopters and lots of dogs together in one fun, happy, stress-free environment, facilitating the matchmaking process! The participating adoption agencies are given free booth space, and admission is free to the public!

For more information, contact the San Diego Animal Support Foundation at, or 619-847-8755.

*The San Diego Animal Support Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization with a primary mission to increase pet adoptions from reputable shelters and rescue agencies in our network.

AND THERE's MORE: Stop by the San Diego Pet Hospital's ASK-A-VET booth for free advice! They'll also be giving new adopters a bag of kibble! This will go nicely with the refillable waste bags, which adopters can pick up at the Grossmont Center booth! Have something YOU want to donate to new adopters? Let us know at