Santa Paws Annual Christmas Adoption
Event 2017
Saturday, December 2nd 11:00-3:00
Grossmont Center

SANTA PAWS Mega PetTM Adoption Event* featuring dozens of rescue organizations & animal shelters, with HUNDREDS of adoptable dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, turtles, tortoises and birds, all in one convenient location. Bring your entire family and meet the new family member with whom you'll be sharing the holidays and your life! This is an event for people who are SERIOUS about adopting a pet! We're on a Mission From Dog to make sure everyone does the RIGHT THING this season, and helps us save innocent lives! Adopt NOW, and by the time Christmas morning rollls around, your new family member will already be part of the family...not just another toy under the tree. (Imagine how fun it will be to open presents on Christmas Morning that include cute doggie collars, leashes, doggie beds and other furniture, with a stocking full of pet treats right next to the rest of the family's stockings!) Join our event to receive updates!!!!

For sponsorship opportunities and more information contact: Info@sdshelters.org

Volunteer Elves from the following list of Santa's FAVORITE organizations will be on hand to make Christmas Miracles happen:

Animal Rescuers Without Borders (ARWOB)
Animal Welfare Foundation of San Diego
Chula Vista Animal Care Facility
Dogs Fur Days
Friends of Cats, Inc.
Great Pyrenees Association of Southern California Rescue, Inc.
Greyhound Adoption Center
It's The Pits Dog Rescue
Labradors and Friends Dog Rescue
Last Chance at Life - All Breed Rescue and Adoptions
Lionel's Legacy
No Wagging Tail Left Behind Animal Rescue
Open Arms Rescue - San Diego
Parrot Education and Adoption Center
Passion for Pitties Rescue group
St. Paco's Second Chance Dog Rescue
San Diego Spaniel Rescue
San Diego Turtle and Tortoise Society
Volunteers For Indigent & Vulnerable Animals

*Hosted by the San Diego Animal Support Foundation....a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing adoptions from legitimate local shelters and rescues.

* Check the links above for specific Shelter fees and applications. Shelter fees generally will be about $150-$350, all include vet check, spay/neuter and vaccines. Turles and Tortoises require just $25 and Chula Vista shelter usually has a reduced adoption fee at events. Dogs will range from two months of age to seniors. There will be 20 different rescues participating in the event so there will be a variety of breeds represented. See you there!