Courtesy Pet Listings

SponsorThe SDASF offers Courtesy Pet Listings for free as a community service*, in hopes that these pets may never wind up in a shelter. Please help us by sponsoring a pet listing for a donation of your choice! Click on a paw below and receive a confirmation e-mail within 24 hours to confirm wording for your sponsorship. Memorialize a pet, honor a family member, celebrate a birthday, or name your business! Donations are tax-deductible.


SDASF is not liable for adoptions made between private parties. All pets listed are to have evidence of current vaccinations, veterinary records and are to be spayed or neutered, healthy and free of aggression. Please report any abuse of this service to the SDASF at To post a courtesy listing, e-mail a .bmp or .jpg photo along with contact information (phone AND e-mail) and full description of pet to


Please help us. We want to try to keep Sherman out of a shelter. He is so kind hearted, and despite his large frame (80-90lbs) he couldn't be sweeter. If you can help us, or if you have any ideas of someone who can, please let us know. We are in San Diego, but for Sherman, we are willing to do whatever it takes. He has a favorite bone, a stuffed bunny, a few squeaky toys, and a custom bed with built in pillows and "The Shermanator" embroidered on it that will come with him wherever he goes. (See Sherman's Flyer for more pictures/details!)


  • Bruce Lindquist
    Phone: (760) 740-9337
    Mobile: (760) 402-9506

    Pet Information:
    Breed: Doberman Pincher
    Sex: Female
    Name: Willow
    Spayed and vaccinated

Willow is an older special needs dog. She may have Wobbler Syndrome. A harness has been used with her so as not to possibly aggravate her condition. She goes on two 20 minute walks a day. Willow has a sweet disposition. She has never shown any sign of aggression towards people or dogs. She is very intelligent and trainable and timid (omega). She gets along well with another small dog (female alpha).

Little Girl

Little Girl is a Shih Tzu x, intercepted by a family 6 months ago when her owner was getting rid of her. Recently, she got an eye infection, and while she was under anesthesia for a dental cleaning, they also removed her eye. Since that time, she no longer gets along with the two other dogs in the house. According to the vet, Little Girl appears to have been used for breeding before being discarded, and was never properly socialized. Little Girl is in very good health now, she's spunky and active,100% housebroken and a very loving dog. She just needs to be someone's One & Only. A 12-year-old dog, with one eye, who needs to be an only dog will be almost impossible to place. In a shelter, she will be euthanized for not being adoptable.


I need to rehome my 14 month german shepherd male puppy. He is neutered and microchipped, current on all vaccines and shots and in good health. I will provide health records. He currently weights about 65lbs. He has had formal training in san diego, he is extremely obedient with commands (Sit, stay, down, heel, etc) however he does still display typical shepherd tendancies (barks, high energy, protective, play bites). He has successfully socialized with many dogs however has instigated some dog park scuffles before. Will do best in home with a well mannered dog or no other dog at all. Included is everything you could need: leashes, collars, 2 sets bowls, food w/ container, beds, toys, bones, balls, shampoo, toothbrush set, brushes, treats. He requires a fair amount of attention, he needs to be physically and mentally active. I do my best right now but know he needs more. I really want to ensure he's going to the right home.


My name is Jennifer and it is with an extremely heavy heart that I send this email. I have a beautiful 4 year old black mini lop mix rabbit. I've had her since she was a baby and she has been the source of extreme joy and laughter for me. She is a mini so she definitely has more personality than some of the bigger varieties that just lay there. She is litter box trained & has free reign of the house currently. She loves head scratches and sharing carrots, kale, (and frozen yogurt if you're not careful). While she is not the rabbit to let you pick her up and carry her around, she will gladly jump into your lap on her own time while watching movies on the couch and grind her teeth as you pet her. The ideal human is a laid back adult that enjoys having her on the couch when they're relaxing, children tend to make her nervous. She is already fixed and is used to having her nails clipped, ears checked and coat brushed. I feed her a diet of timothy hay, pellets (1/2 c a day) and a handful of greens. She likes kale, cilantro & parsley the best; no stems here, sorry she's been spoiled since birth. Every once in a while she gets carrots. I've built lots of bunny tracks, homes and obstacle courses for her. I think her favorite is still a pillow fort on the couch. :) She does have a couple bad habits... 1st, if she's sitting on your shoulder and you hear her grinding but you aren't petting her, she might be chewing your hair off... I've had a couple chunks go missing this way. 2nd, if you try to pet her sides or rear instead of her head, nose, ears and eyes she might try to turn and nip telling you she isn't cool with that. Oh, and she has a little bunny growl when she's eating. As you can see she's full of personality and I love the ever living crap out of her. Who ever gets her is blessed and I hope doesn't mind keeping in touch or sending me pictures as I will miss her terribly.


Due to some health and financial issues that necessited a move, Leo's lifelong owner is no longer able to care for him. Leo is staying temporarily wth a friend in the San Diego Area who is happy to have him, but unfortunately travels for work too often to give him a stable home.

No re-homing fee is required, however an interview, references, and/or home visit may be needed to ensure that Leo's new home is appropriate for him. If he is adopted in the Southern California area, then Leo's current caregiver can assist his new family with occasional cat sittings if needed.

If you are interested in finding out how Leo can make a great addition to your family, please email Leo's caregiver at

FLYER (with more pictures of Leo)


  • Tami
    (714) 321-3439

Meet Max, an an eight-year young, rough coat, Jack Russell Terrior. He's very typical for the breed—smart, sweet, and active. He is a reluctant surrender, as the health of his owner is failing. She loves him dearly and the decision to surrender him has been difficult.

Max is micro-chipped, neutered, and UTD on all vaccinations. His only health issue is a right medial luxating patella, which he was born with, and it doesn't seem to bother him at all. He knows basic commands (sit, stay, down) and is good on a leash. He enjoys long walks, and playing at the dog park. He is friendly with other dogs, but likes to chase cats and birds.
When excited or meeting new people he can be boisterous, but he's not aggressive. He's protective of his owner and home until he knows the person is not posing a threat. Max loves to cuddle, and is a very loving little fellow. He seems to suffer from separation anxiety, and does not do well when left alone. Although he's been living with a retired senior for the past seven years, he is adaptable and would blend well with anyone living an active life with plenty of time for their dog.


Once Upon A Time: A kind lady saved a dog named Chance from a drunk & abusive man. She lived on the streets with Chance, as there were no homeless shelters that accept dogs. In order to help Chance find a better life, she relinquished him to a local rescuer, who has had to put him in a boarding facility where he is very stressed and lonely. Those who know him describe him as a sweet, cuddly boy who gives to give kisses and enjoys being with all people. To help improve his chances of adoption, Chance was evaluated by the trainers at Pawtopia Dog Training in a crowded park where he seemed relaxed and happy around all people and activities, he wasn't startled by bikes, or kids, or skateboards, and was comfortable being handled and touched. Though he doesn't know a lot of commands, he's very smart! Pawtopia SO believes in Chance, that they have offered a free private lesson to his adopter/foster to help continue his training! He WAS reactive to other dogs (ie: barking, lunging, staring), but did show great progress during his training session. Once he was put into a temporary foster home, the family discovered that Chance likes little dogs, and he's even warming up to the bigger ones! Nevertheless, we'd love to find him an adopter without other dogs a.s.a.p., as the stress of being confined in a kennel, surrounded by dogs, is really affecting his spirit. Please help us spread the word about Chance. Contact Katerina at (760) 477-3793 or email Chance is some combination of ‪‎Rigeback‬/‎Pittie‬/‎Boxer‬/‪Labrador‬/‪‎Shepherd‬, weighing 57-pounds at 3 years of age. He's neutered, microchipped, fully vaccinated and vetted! A special thanks to Colleen Demling, Founder and CEO of, (858) 414-7797. Voted the Best Dog Training Company in San Diego!


My name is Brody. I am a healthy 1-1/2 yr old male, Rhodesian/Boxer mix. Please help me find a loving home. I love to play, go on walks and love to run if you want a fitness buddy. I know sit, stay, down, shake and am a faster learner who is house broken and crate trained. Flyer

Molly Monster

  • Lisa
    (619) 672-2098

This is Molly Monster! Molly is a four month old lionhead bunny. You might notice he looks like a ragamuffin -- this is because he had to have his human foster mom give him a haircut to help him out in the heat wave! Normally Molly has long luxurious fur. Molly has gotten along very well with cats and other bunnies. He is very friendly with humans and will even snuggle down for a nap with you once he knows you well enough! Molly is partially litter box trained. He does best as a free-range rabbit and loves to hop about and explore. If you have any questions about Molly, contact me at 619-672-2098. He comes with a cage, litter box, water bottle, bedding, food, hay, and litter!

Chopper and Lilah

These two are brother and sister, Chopper & Lilah, they turned 5 years old in November, they are Pitt mixed, very loving to all people, scared of some dogs. Lilah is on Prozac and they have heart murmurs (not bad now but will worsen with age). They have always been inside dogs but would love a yard. They must stay together as they cry if you take one away. They like to cuddle and watch TV, I can send TV and their tempurpedic mattress with them. Most of my pictures are in my phone so I can send as soon as its up. I can take them out of area as long as it is to good home. There mommy is in the proccess of losing her home and sense her future is unsure she canot keep them, she is looking for a idealy a adoptive home or long term boarder that would not charge for their care.


  • Brianna
    (619) 647-6312

We have a very sweet, mid sized, retriever mix named Ellie up for adoption. She is loving with families/kids. Our yard isn't big enough and not appropriate for our family now. We have tried everything to give her to a good home, but have had no interest. This is our last step before surrending her to a shelter (which we really don't want to do). She is approximately three years old (???).


  • Thelma
    (760) 300-9868

Christy is a beautiful Snowshoe Siamese that needs new home. She gets along with other pets and is very loving!


Portia is a 3-year old Chihuahua. She is a very loving and friendly dog and has been a great member of our family, which includes two kids ages 8 and 11. Unfortunately we have not been able to give her the attention she deserves due to a very busy schedule. It has been a very hard decision to make to find her a new family, but we feel she deserves more time and attention than we can give her. Currently, she sleeps in her crate at night and is house-trained. She is micro-chipped, spayed and current on her shots.


Raven is an incredibly smart Australian Shepherd/German Shepherd mix. She's about 2 years old, and weighs 45 lbs. This beautiful girl was found as a stray by animal control in Los Angeles. She is very loving, but also strong-willed. She is an extremely smart dog who would be perfect for someone who understands her breed. Because Raven is a herding dog, the best home for her would be one without small children. She’s a very obedient dog for someone who is savvy, consistent and kind.

Bob and Mary

Poor Mary and Bob's home has a new baby and they can't be kept anymore. They are been together since kittens and cannot be separated.

Dutch Bunny

We are looking for a new home for our 6 year old Dutch rabbit, Mitch. He is neutered and litter box trained. He is very affectionate, loves to be petted and is extremely curious about everything. He is a little timid around dogs but seems to do well around cats and other smaller animals. Please contact via email if you would be interested in giving him a loving home.