How to Cool Down a Hot Bunny

You need to cool down a hot bunny. Heat is deadly to rabbits and when the temperature creeps up into the 80s or more, heat stress becomes a real concern. Overweight rabbits seem more susceptible to heat stress-a good motivation to trim Bun down before the hottest months of summer.

  • Freeze water in one or two liter-size soda bottles and keep in the cage as a giant ice cube for bunny to lean against. Keep a couple of bottles rotating in the freezer.
  • Dampen a towel and drape it over one end of the cage with a fan blowing gently on it, enough for good air circulation but not so it's drafty.
  • Gently mist rabbits' ears and fur with clean water.
  • Place a square or two of ceramic tile or marble in the cage. It will remain cooler than the air temperature and will be a cool place for Bun to rest.
  • Always have plenty of fresh drinking water available.
  • If your rabbit spends time outdoors, be sure to provide shade and keep him out of the direct sun in the hottest times of day.
  • If your rabbit becomes exposed to too much heat, seems listless, is not eating or acting normally, get him to a veterinarian immediately. Do not wait!

REMEMBER - if you find your rabbit listless and hot, THIS IS AN EMERGENCY, please take him to a vet right away! To see a list of Emergency Vets, visit