Letter of Thanks from Friends of Humane Society de Tijuana

We would like to acknowledge the generosity and support of the San Diego Animal Support Foundation for sponsoring the June 28, 2009 Sterilization Clinic in the Colonia Mexico! This was HSTJ's first Spay/Nueter Clinic in this area and the community was so grateful to be provided this much needed service. Forty-One animals were spayed and neutered Sunday! A huge success.

Thank you again San Diego Animal Support Foundation
, HSTJ volunteers and supporters, without you, HSTJ's work in the poorest neighborhoods of Tijuana would not be possible.

In addition to the June 28th Sterilization Clinic, HSTJ conducted three Itchy Scratchy Clinics in the Colonia Mexico and a new area, the Villa Del Prado. A Health Fair was conducted at the June 20th Itchy Scratchy clinic and just over 369 animals were treated for Parasites, mange and fleas. President of HSTJ Lety Coto spoke to the community about the humane treatment of animals and the importance of sterilization and encouraged the participants to return with their animals to the June 28th sterilization clinic. What an accomplishment! Please see the blog and below slideshow for pictures from the events. www.friendsofhumanesocietydetijuana.blogspot.com