June 18, 2008

Because Size Matters!

Hosted By:  The San Diego Animal Support Foundation                             
Sunday, August 17th, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Fiesta Island ... across from Fenced Off-Leash Beach near the OTL area.

When it comes to dogs ...
SIZE MATTERS!  If you love big dogs, join us on Fiesta Island for a very special adoption event featuring BIG DOGS ONLY (50-pounds or more), and puppies that will eventually be big dogs!  This is an ANNUAL event, bringing together dozens of local rescues and shelters featuring 100 large dogs all in one convenient location! 

"Due to the economy and foreclosure market, it seems everyone is dumping their big dog in a shelter or rescue these days" says SDASF Spokesperson, Darlene White.  "We have a housing market that discriminates against big dogs, and therefore a general public preference for smaller dogs.  It's no wonder most dogs euthanized in shelters are the bigger breeds.

As a result, White says, there simply aren't enough homes for larger dogs.  This event was developed to attract people who specifically prefer larger breeds, and bring them to one place.  "Now, people don't have to drive to 22 different locations to see if they can find the perfect dog ... we'll have 100 adoptable dogs from respectable agencies ALL IN ONE PLACE.  If you can't find a dog to love at this event ... then maybe you're a cat person

To help transition the dogs to their new homes, all dogs will go home with a doggie bag filled with goodies, from quality health food, to grooming products, toys, coupons, and gift certificates for free services like pet-sitting, dog walking and grooming!

You know what they say about big paws....big paw-prints!  Big hearts....big tongues....big personalities, too!  So, bring your own dogs to play on Fiesta Island's Off Leash Dog Beach, buy a raffle ticket or two for FABULOUS Big-Dog prizes, meet the Fiesta Island Dog Owner's Group, bring your recyclables, and maybe take home your new best friend!  Call 619-847-8755 for more info.

Participating Groups (in no particular order):

Chula Vista Animal Shelter, North County Humane Society, Helen Woodward Animal Center, Dogz In Need, Escondido Humane Society, Australian Shepherd Rescue, The Barking Lot, Labradors & Friends Rescue, Chesapeake Bay Retriever Rescue, Baja Animal Sanctuary, So. California German Shepherd Rescue, A Passion For Paws Akita Rescue, Pit Bull Rescue, San Diego, It's The Pits Rescue, Four Paws Coonhound Rescue, FOCAS,Operation Greyhound Rescue, German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue, The Dog Squad, El Cajon Animal Shelter, Rottweiler Rescue of San Diego

(Don't Let A Dog Go Back To A Shelter ... Help Us Find Homes!)
Come see for yourself why we think Big Dogs Rock!





Save the environment while you help us raise funds for the animals!
Bring the following recyclable items: old cell phones, printer cartridges, laptops, and digital cameras!


drum roll please......


Okay, I had to e-mail everyone, individually, to confirm the numbers, because I couldn't believe the original numbers we collected, especially because some groups told me they didn't get a single application. 

I honestly will admit that I thought the event was a failure, as it seemed there were less people there this year, but apparently, expanding the venue area by twice the size created the illusion that nobody was there....because here are the results:

This dog fights....once again proving that shelter dogs are the can't put that many large dogs in one place and get stats like that!


117 large breed dogs attended.

49 to 50 dogs were adopted!!!!!


Nearly 50 dogs.....that's HUGE. 

Even if you're one of the groups that didn't get a dog adopted, you are still equally responsible for the numbers, as this is a group project.   


Also, for spaying and neutering, we raised $960 through the raffles, auctions and Barkin' Bazaar, vs $500 last year.  So, again, you could knock me over with a feather...I didn't see this coming.


Pat yourselves on the back everyone...We "done good" for the dogs!!!!



P.S.  Thanks again, to our wonderful sponsors and volunteers!!!