Volunteer Opportunities

There are many volunteer opportunities to help pets, not only through the San Diego Animal Support Foundation, but with the 30 local rescues and shelters in our network. Some of these opportunities can be done from the comfort of your own home. So, if you love animals, but can't work directly with them due to physical challenges, allergies or logistics, don't be discouraged....we can still offer you an opportunity to help save pets. Read about the volunteer opportunities, below. Then, please fill out our volunteer form, to be included in our volunteer database, and to be contacted about opportunities that fall within your area of interest. Our database is NEVER shared with other organizations or businesses. Your information is strictly confidential - for more information see our privacy policy.
paw Fundraising & Events
paw Photography & Technical Help
paw Transportation

paw Work with dogs, cats and other animals in a shelter or kennel facility
If you are interested in working with adoptable dogs, cats or other animals in a shelter, kennel, or Petsmart/Petco adoption facility please fill out our volunteer form.

paw Work with dogs and cats at weekend adoption events
We work with dozens of local rescue organizations and shelters, and they all host weekend adoption events in parks, special events, Petco and Petsmart stores, etc. Usually this involves being assigned a dog to supervise during a Saturday or Sunday event, or helping in a cattery to answer questions and help with adoption applications, etc. Once you sign up for a weekend event, THE ORGANIZATION DEPENDS ON YOU TO SHOW UP. If you fail to show up for an event, the dog you are assigned to will be stuck without a handler, and this is VITAL to the placement of a pet. The dog may have to be immediately returned to a shelter, kennel, or be stuck in a cage all day long where nobody will ever see him/her.
If you are interested in helping at weekend adoption events, and can make the commitment, please fill out our volunteer form.

paw Fostering dogs and cats from your home

Rescue Groups and Humane Societies and Animal Shelters are always in need of Foster Homes.. to give some time for pets to find their perfect home..... Only by placing our animals in foster care can we continue to save the many abandoned animals whose lives are at stake.
Dog with ball

Becoming a foster parent is extremely rewarding. Remember, by fostering, you are saving more than one life. Once your animal finds a loving family, you can open your home to another rescue who desperately needs it. To become a foster parent, you need to be willing to love honor and cherish your charge and be willing to do the following:

  1. Take and pick up from adoption events.
  2. If needed, take the dog/cat to the vet.
  3. Accept lots of love and wet kisses and be able to deal with some "mistakes"

Fostering is lots of fun and it really helps out! Most people are scared of becoming "too attached," but we always say that if you don't become attached, you aren't doing it right. What makes it easier is knowing that we have found the perfect home for that pet. The minute you see a happy smile on a little kid's face, knowing his parents are adopting the pet, it all becomes worth it!

Many groups will provide some food and medicine that is needed as well as pay for the vet bills. If you are interested in volunteering as a foster parent, please fill out our volunteer form.

If you have a pet now, we will make sure that your pet and your new foster pet are introduced correctly so that there is not too much disruption in your daily routine. Remember! Pets are a lot like kids! They need a lot of attention, they make mistakes, and all they want is love and the occasional treat!

paw Taking photos of adoptable animals to post on web sites and for flyers
Do you have a digital camera, computer AND access to the Internet? If so, many groups can use your help. Posting photos of the animals available for adoption on web sites is vital to the success of these adoption programs. Unfortunately, many of our volunteers don't have the technology to do this. Guy taking picture
We need volunteers with digital cameras who can take photos of the animals at weekend adoption events. The same person would also need access to a computer where he/she could download the photos and e-mail them to people who can edit them, and post them on web sites. (If you have the ability to do all of these things, even better!) If you are interested in doing this, please fill out our volunteer form. We will put you in touch with an organization who can use your help IMMEDIATELY.

Editing photos and posting them to web sites
In this day and age, the Internet is an important tool in getting pets adopted. There are hundreds of web sites dedicated to featuring adoptable pets, but they need to include photos. Many volunteers do not have the technology to edit and upload photos onto the various web sites. If you have this ability, including a computer, Internet access, and editing software, dozens of organizations could use your help IMMEDIATELY.
This is the perfect volunteer position for someone who wants to work from their home, due to a disability, allergies, or transportation issues. You can STILL SAVE ANIMALS! If you are interested in helping organizations by editing and posting pictures of pets on the various web sites, along with cute descriptions of the animals, please fill out our volunteer form, and we will connect you with an organization that needs your skills. Since you do not need to travel, you will be able to help virtually any organization in San Diego County right from the comfort of your own home!

paw Fundraising and Event Hosting
Are you a social butterfly, a fundraising genius, an event planner? Maybe you just have an idea for one fundraiser, and you'd like to help raise money for the various organizations, but can't decide which one. The San Diego Animal Support Foundation needs your help! We welcome anyone who has a creative idea to raise money or host an event. We also have the media support to back up your event or idea!
Money raised by the SDASF is distributed to help dozens of groups equally...not just one. You can raise money for a specific cause (i.e. distributing spay/neuter vouchers to all the fostering agencies, a grooming fund for dogs that are pulled from the shelters who are in horrific need of a wash, etc.), or the general fund which is used for various needs throughout the animal rescue community as they arise.
We are an easy group to work with, without a lot of the red tape and restrictions that you might find elsewhere. Please fill out our volunteer form if you can help with this area.

paw Transportation
Do you have a reliable truck or SUV that you don't mind getting a little hairy? Transporters are needed on occasion to help pull animals out of shelters as far away as Los Angeles. Most the time, we just need people to help transport animals locally, either from shelters, or to and from weekend adoption events. Sometimes, we just need someone to help deliver a pet to a TV station for a pet segment.
If you're interested in being put on a calling list to help with transportation issues, please fill out our volunteer form, and we'll connect you to the organizations we work with for future emergencies and events.