Low Cost Spay/Neuter Services

The San Diego Animal Support Foundation has put together the following list of resources to help pet guardians in need:

  • The San Diego Animal Support Foundation offers one (1) FREE NEUTER/SPAY per family.

    ALL of the following qualifications must be met:

    (A)  You are unable to afford the LOW COST fees of the previously mentioned programs.
    (B) Your pet must be a permanent member of your family (no shelters/rescues/fosters/breeders)
    (C) Your pet must be at 1 year of age. No puppies.
    (D) You must be able to verify San Diego County residency at time of service.
    (E) Your spay/neuter services must not already be the obligation of a legitimate shelter or rescue, as they are required by law to alter animals before adoption, and they collect adoption fees to do so.
    (F) Owners are obligated to pay for extra services they choose, and agree to cover the full cost of a missed appointment.

    If you qualify, please e-mail the following information to receive an approval letter with instructions on booking an appointment at your convenience:

    Owner's Full name:
    Pet's Name:
    Approx Weight:
    Circumstances in which you acquired this pet:

    Send e-mail to Info@sdshelters.org E-mails with missing information will not be considered.

Would you like to make a donation which can ONLY be used to provide free SPAY/NEUTER services? Please use the donation button below: